Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

Circle Texture Tutorial

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With this hammer I drilled randomly  holes into the head of the hammer, and I used a dremel drill point for drilling holes in glass, however, I put the point in my hand drill. Always put the hammer in your vise before drilling and wear your protection. I always round the edges of the head of the hammer  with the dremel.  Sometimes when you are hammering, the edges of the hammer head will leave a mark, rounding the edges will help prevent this. You can hammer you piece of metal  like you normally would, or you can hold the hammer head and hit the opposite end  with another hammer, just like when you are using stamps to texture your metal. Remember, while you are hammering try not to always hammer in the same spot, this way your texture will be more uniformed and balanced. Hope this tutorial  was some what helpful to someone out there just getting started and doesn't have all the "dream tools", most of all, hope you have fun trying all the different textures you can create on your own.

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