Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

The Knot

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Willow tree branches

St. Antonio continued, see previous post.

Last night they managed to start tying the first knots around the Farchia. After they finish adding the bamboo sticks they start tying the willow branches around the Farchia to hold everything together. They tie together two willow branches, then they wrap the adjoined branches around the Farchia to make the knot. They must heat up the branches with a torch or over the fire to make the branches soft and workable so it is easy to make the knot with the branches. After they make the knot, the ends of  the willow branches are inserted into the Farchia. There are usually about 16 or more knots on the Farchia, I am always so amazed how perfectly lined up the knots  are when it is done.  They still have a lot of tying to do, to be continued........

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