Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

L'Anima (Soul)

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Every year  on January 16th, there is a big celebration in Fara F. Petri to pay tribute to St. Antonio, their patron saint. Many years ago, St Antonio saved the town from a French invasion by lighting on fire the trees on the roads leading into Fara. This blocked the French from invading and therefore were forced  to pass around the town.  The "faresi" (people who live in Fara) spend at least 2 weeks before preparing for this celebration. They build what they call a "farchia" which they carry to a piazza in front of the cemetery and set them on fire. The farchia is made of bamboo sticks which are tide together with branches from weeping willow trees. Each neighborhood builds their own farchia and they are between 8-9 meters tall. In the picture you can see what is called L'Anima (the soul of the Farchia), or the center. They begin by tying together a group of bamboo sticks,  then they continue adding other sticks from the top. They roll the farchia on the logs so they can keep adding bamboo sticks on all sides, that way the farchia remains round.Of course during these 2 weeks of preparation there is also a lot of eating, drinking, dancing and singing going on in between the making of the farchia. Hopefully, I will make as many post as possible on this blog so you will be able see how incredibly unique and fun  this celebration is, people come from all over to see the Farchia burn. To be continued.................

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