Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

Sterling Silver and Copper Ring

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 It has been a long week, the snow has finally melted so I had to go back to work, however I started a new job, will only be substituting at the pool when needed. It was fun while I was snowed in, I  pretended that making jewelry was my main job, but reality kicked in and had to go back to the day job.
Since I started my new job, I haven't had much time for making jewelry but I managed to squeeze in time to make this ring. This ring idea has been floating around in my head for some time. If I can't start working on my idea right away, I get a little anxious, I just feel a strong need to make it, don't know why. First I annealed and then folded the small copper piece. I used my scrap silver to make the stacked silver circles, I balled up the silver scrap with my torch and then flattened them  with a hammer. I try not to waste any silver, even scrap pieces can be turned into a decorative element on a piece of jewelry. I also used a small  silver scrap piece to make the oval tube. First I soldered all the elements onto the backing of the ring, then I soldered the square bezel around the 3 decorative elements, this way I could get the position of all the individual pieces just right, or should I say, balanced the way I wanted them. Last I soldered the band and oxidized the ring to bring out or highlight the different decorative elements in the bezel. I like the way it came out, not your average ring with a traditional stone bezel, I think that is what makes
it unique.  Of course now from this ring idea several other ideas have popped into to my head and I am getting anxious to make them. Will have to be back at work on Monday so I better get movin...........

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