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Jewelry with an Organic Style

La Chitarra

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I have mentioned before that I am not much of a cook, however every now and then I like to put on an apron and roll up my sleeves and pretend to be Betty Crocker or Julia Childs. When I cook it is usually because I am having a craving for something in particular. On Sunday, the tradition here in Italy is to make home made pasta with a nice meat sauce, well that was what I was craving today. In particular,  I wanted the home made pasta made with what they call in Italian "La Chitarra".  I don't have a modern pasta machine, which are perfectly fine and dandy, I prefer the pasta made with the "Chitarra" because it comes out thicker and the sauce clings better to the pasta. However I cheated a little and made the pasta dough in my magical bread maker which will whip up both bread, pizza, and pasta dough.

Here is the recipe:
2 eggs
30 ml of water
300 gr of plain flour
1 tsp of salt

I cut the recipe in half because it was just for my husband and I, however you can add more flour or water if needed. My mother-in-law always said to use one egg per person, so if you were making pasta for 3 people you would need 3 eggs and a little more flour and water. She is a fabulous cook so I always follow her instructions.

I work with half the dough at a time and roll it out as if you wanted to make a pizza.

Then I cut it in wide strips, if they are too long you can also cut them in half.

Lay the pasta on the chitarra and use your rolling pin to roll over the pasta. As you can see in the photo there are wires attached to the chitarra, as you use your rolling pin the pasta will be sliced into fettuccine. On one side the chitarra has wires that are close and it will make spaghetti, on the other side it will make fettuccine because the wires are farther apart from each other. Actually I had no choice, the spaghetti side has a few missing wires so I had to go with the fettuccine.

Here is the pasta after using the rolling pin. Follow the same procedure with the other strips of pasta and sprinkle some flour every now and then so the fettuccine doesn't get stuck together. Afterwards, roll out the other half of the dough, cut into strips like before and then onto the "chitarra".

Once you are done, keep the pasta spread out on the table so it wont get all stuck together. Of course with this home made pasta I made a nice thick ragu meat sauce that simmered all morning long. A nice fresh pesto would also be great with this pasta, maybe next time. I boiled the water, in went the pasta, when the pasta rises to the top of the water it is done, another mother-in-law trick. Some may think this is to much work, it really is quite fun to make, I just need more hours in the days and more days in the weeks so I can make it more often. The only hard thing for me was keeping KiKi off the table while I was making the pasta.


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