Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

Summer Necklaces

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I felt the need to go back to my beach treasure I found a couple of weeks ago and try to make some jewelry with a summer feel to it. The weather here in Italy is finally warming up so hopefully summer is around the corner. For my first necklace I used a nice soft light blue piece of beach glass, you can't get more summery than that. I thought the triangle shape of the beach glass made it perfect for a pendant.  It was also quite flat so it was  ideal for setting it in a bezel.

For the back of the pendant I used a jewelry saw to cut out a small design. I wanted something similar to the sea plants that live under the sea and sway back and forth with the waves

With my second necklace, I used a small tan oval beach stone.  What I love most about this pendant are the three little silver circles in the center of the stone. It is a very simple design but that is what makes it stand out. Here, I drilled holes in the stone, not all the way through though. I balled up some silver with my torch and then hammered the little silver balls into the holes. It is some what like cold connections, the silver balls will expand as you hammer and get stuck in the holes.

I will admit I have gone through some stones to get the technique down. However, it was worth all the fussing because I like how it came out. Of course this necklace is also a perfect match with the beach stone ring I made shown in a previous post.

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