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Jewelry with an Organic Style

San Domenico Festival

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 The first Sunday of May, Pretoro, a town near by celebrates San Domenico, also known as the snake festival. Pretoro is a small town situated  at the foot  of the mountain La Majella, it is filled with fabulous old houses and narrow walk ways that zig zag up through town. I have been here in Italy many years but have never made it to the snake festival, I will confess, I was a little scared to go. This year I found my courage and went.  The legend says that while San Domenico was traveling towards town, he heard the screams of a woman, a wolf had stolen her baby while she was collecting fire wood with her husband. San Domenico yelled at the wolf and the wolf stopped running away,  turned around and brought the baby back. The wolf then placed the child at San Domenico's feet unharmed. From that day forward Pretoro has always celebrated the miracle of San Domenico who protects against wolf and snake bites.
My favorite house.

 The walk ways are just to cool, sometimes it feels like you are walking around in a maze and going up and down on many stairs.

This walk way is called "The stairs to Purgatory"

               The doors and windows are just as fabulous as everything else, so much character.

Rock sculpture by local artist

The first part of the festival are the snakes, everyone in town brings a snake to the piazza for the contest. The longest snake gets first prize.  Many go into the mountain woods to catch the snakes for the festival. I was amazed how many little children were just walking around with snakes in their hands.

This one was one of the winners.
This one was one of my favorites, I liked the colors

A little girl showing off her snake

The judges measuring the snakes to determine the winner
All snakes were brought back to the woods after the festival.

The little stone house used in the representation
The second part of the festival is the representation of the Miracle of San Domenico. A few town people dress up as the husband and wife, the wolf, and San Domenico and rein act the event when the wolf stole the baby. The last boy born in town is the chosen baby for the representation.  Unfortunately there were so many people and it was very hard to get pictures, sorry there are only a few, next year I will have to camp out the night before to get a good spot.

Here are the husband and wife collecting and chopping fire wood.

The happy ending when they get their baby back

San Domenico


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