Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

Enamel Project Continued

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"Summer Collection"

Well I finally finished my enamel project, actually I had to force myself to stop making the pendents. At first I wanted to make some simple geometric shapes but then I wanted to make little scenes. As soon as I finished one, another idea would pop into my head and I would need to make another one. First I torched the white enamel on a domed copper square, then I would place the binding wire on the square and torch it again. I used my torch pick to push the wire into the enamel while I was torching. I also flatten the wire with a hammer before torching, this way it would stay on the copper sqaure better and not jump all over the place while I was torching the second time.

Behind the pendants with the scenes I stamped some phrases and words.

The stick people I stamped "lets dance" and "together"

On these pendants I stamped "falling star" and "sole" which means sun in Italian.
I had a lot of fun making these pendants, I wanted to give a name to the collection and my mother suggested "Summer" which I thought was perfect since the all the pendants had a summer feel to them. Thanks mom.

Each pendant has a similar style but each is different in its own way. At first I thought I would just set them in a normal bezel, but I decided to make each setting a little different. I think my favorites are the "together" and "swirl" pendant with the pinched corner bezel.  I was afraid to go with this pinched bezel look, but I am glad I did, I really like it. I still have a few more pendants that I have to finish setting, but like I said before, I had to force myself to stop because I had to move onto other projects that needed to be taken care of. However I am sure other pendants will be added to the collection in the future.


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