Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

Little Treasure Box

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Finally I finished the last of the gifts I wanted to make for my family that will soon be arriving for some great summer fun.  This little copper box is for my sister, she does not wear jewelry much so I guess you can see my dilemma, I certainly could not make her a pair of earrings. She does however like to collect little objects that she carefully arranges on her many shelves, fire mantel or old type trays. So I thought I would make her something that she could put on display in one of her many shelf arrangements so she could see and enjoy it everyday.

On the top of the box I set a small Adriatic beach stone in a bezel and soldered  half way around the bezel some small silver balls. I love the little stone, it is shaped like a little egg, and has tiny black specks.

Inside I will put a few pieces of beach glass from the beach here in Italy which I know she also likes to collect. Hopefully she will like this little treasure box  and find a special place for it in one of her always so fabulous arrangements.

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