Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

Back In the Studio Groove

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Finally getting back to hammering and torching away in my studio/garage. While my family was here visiting we had so much fun and can't wait for the next visit, but I wasn't able really to make anything. I haven't either been called back into my day job, so I can spend all day creating, and I am just lovin' it.

I wanted for some time to try and make my own chain necklace, but the thought of soldering all these little jump rings individually seemed a little to much for me. Since I did not have to go back to work, and I have all this time I can spend in my studio, I thought I should give it a try.

First I started with the pendant, I cut out of 20 gauge silver sheet a square, textured it with my favorite criss cross texture hammer, and dapped it to give it a low dome. (you can see the picture of the hammer I use in my previous tutorials). I also dapped a small copper disc and torched enameled it, using Kingfisher blue. Then I measured out the bezel strip and hard soldered it together and used half dome sterling silver wire to make the bail for the back of the pendant.

I made loops with my round tip pliers at the ends of the half dome wire, and curved the wire a little bit so it would lay flush with the back of the pendant. I medium soldered both half domed wires and my initials. Then I easy soldered the bezel strip to the front but did not set the blue disc, I did that at the very end.

I did a little experimenting first, wasn't quiet sure what king of jump rings I wanted, in the end I went with simple oval jump rings. I hard solder half of the jump rings I made, and used my round tip pliers to stretch them into a little oval. The other jump rings I easy soldered them as I attached them one at a time to the other jump rings I hard solder before. For example, you start with two hard soldered jump rings and you put them on an open jump ring, and then easy solder the open jump ring. The easy soldered jump ring will then be in between the two hard soldered jump rings, then you can add on another open jump ring and another hard soldered jump ring and easy solder the open jump ring. Continue this way until you have your desired length. I hope I was clear, this was kind of hard to explain. I also went with hard soldering part of the jump rings because when I tried medium, the solder would flow when I was easy soldering the next jump ring and all the jump rings would just solder together in a big mess. At least that is what happen with me, so I tried the hard and it worked out much better. Remember to keep the flame of you torch small and aimed at the jump ring you are soldering.

 I also used 12 gauge wire to create 3 wire links which I then attached to the jump rings. I forged the ends of the 12 gauge wire to flare them out a bit and drilled holes in the ends.

I balled up some 18 gauge wire to connect the wire links together......

And at the other end of the wire links I attached the chain links. For my first handmade necklace I am quite pleased at how it came out. Of course I oxidized the necklace to bring out the texture on the pendant and the oval links of the chain.


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