Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

Etsy Metal Blog Carnival October 2012

posted by LjB


I have been accepted into the great Etsy Metal Team which makes me very proud and excited. Once a month members of the Etsy Metal team write a blog post  for the Etsy Metal Blog Carnival. Members write about their experiences on a common topic.

This months topic is "Back to School" Now that fall has arrived, what are you doing new?, kids back in school, taking new jewelry classes? how does it affect your routine?

Well, I do not have any little children to take to school, which I do miss. My son is all grown up and off on his adventure called life. However I am very lucky because I can spend my days in my studio creating jewelry, experimenting with new designs or techniques. However in this time of year, here in Italy, we usually pick what is left in the garden. During the summer we grow quite a bit of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, melons etc.
Most of the tomatoes are used to make the bottled tomato sauce, what ever is left over is usually strung together and then hung in a dry place so they will last longer. I also like freezing them so I have them all through out the winter, I then use them in chicken or vegetable soup.

We usually hang them in the hut next to the chicken coop, it is covered and dry so they will last quite a bit.
So juicy, these are perfect for bruschetta, which is chopped up tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, and parsley  on toasted bread.

My Husband can never have to many hot peppers, he can eat them picked freshly off the plant. I am not that brave. Those short fat red one I believe to be peppers from hell, your tongue will be on fire!! We put them in the flat baskets to dry them out in the sun.

This year my husband also planted some pumpkins. I truly hope they last so I can have a pumpkin to carve on Halloween. They don't celebrate Halloween here in Italy but I always try to carve a pumpkin or two.

We almost lost out pomegranate tree this past winter, a lot of snow, but it made a comeback. These are my favorites.

We are very lucky, this past summer the garden was just filled with goodies. I will also admit that my husband does most of the work, my thumbs are definitely not green. But give me a torch and a chasing hammer and I am good to go.

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