Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style


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Lately I have been doing some experimenting with new techniques, at least they are new for me. I have been trying some air chasing and etching on copper. I will admit my scrap pile got a little bigger with these new experiments, but for me I learn the most from trial and error. With the air chasing I love how you can create a free form design and that great organic look I love so much. After I finally made a piece I liked, I domed it out in my press and added some enamel for this pendant. At first it reminded me of the moon, so I thought I should call it moon shadow. But as I kept looking at it, I can also see a leaping lady, can you see the lady?

My next experiment was with etching: I was finally able to find some ferric chloride, sometimes finding things here in Italy can be a little difficult. I just did a simple wavy line design with the permanent marker and into the ferric chloride it went.

I had a few mishaps here too, once I left it in to long and the etched out part was way to deep, then I didn't leave it in long enough. However I do like how the earrings came out. You can find a good tutorial on the Etsy metal blog about etching, this is the link;

I have also been working on my own website which I hope will be up soon, just a few new pieces to start with, will most definitely let you know when the web site has gone live........

                                                       My assistant is a real slacker!

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