Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

What's for Lunch?

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Orecchiette con cime di rapa

I haven't added any recipes lately, so I thought I would add today's lunch menu. I have mentioned before I do not cook, for me cooking is like going to the dentist, not fun at all. During the week however I do prepare lunch for my main man, but on the weekends he puts his apron on and prepares lunch for me and it is always way better then what I prepare for him. Today's menu was Orecchiette con cime di rapa, it is a typical dish from the Puglia region, that would be the heal of the boot. The "cime di rapa" is basically the top of turnips, it is picked before the turnip is fully grown. The "orecchiette" is the pasta, my son, when he was little said they looked like flying saucers. We also added some "trucioli", a different kind of pasta, we didn't have enough orecchiette. Anyways, here is the recipe.....

For 2 people
200 grams of Orecchiette
200 grams of cime di rapa, cleaned, boiled, strained
Olive oil
Cherry tomatoes

In a frying pan add olive oil, 1 piece of garlic, saute sausage, cherry tomatoes, and rapa. Don't add too much oil because the sausage will make oil when it is cooked. If you like things spicy you can add a hot pepper, just a little bit. Cook your pasta, and add it to the rapa in the frying pan, give everything a little toss and bon appetit!!

The true Pugliesi recipe uses anchioves instead of sausages, can't say that I am a anchiove gal, but if you like them go for it.


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