Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

Where is my CHI?

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Last week started out as a metal smith nightmare. Either the fabrication of the piece was not working or I did not like the style or design of the finished piece. I started out with some earrings, the first time around they just completely melted, to much fire. The second time around the ear wire broke, I started over for a third time and when I finished I decided I did not like them. I took it as a sign that I was not meant to make those earrings. Then I moved on to a ring project, with a word stamped inside the band, naturally I spelled the word wrong. I made the ring again, with the correct spelling but then decided I did not like the design either. Of course all the other little things that could go wrong, went wrong. Constantly dropping every tool, even the little solder chips were extra jumpy that day never staying on the piece. The tip of the iceberg was when I could not find my optical visor  to help me see my work. I looked all morning long and could not find them. When my husband came home, he started to help me look, and he found them in the garbage can. It is a total mystery how they got there, maybe I have trolls.

My mother always said one should follow their creative heart. I was trying to make things that I thought were trendy so to speak, in hopes of making a sale. I was not following what was true to me and what I liked, therefore everything went wrong. Usually when this happens to me, I have to walk away for a while, or sometimes clean my work area. This helps me get my focus back on what I want to make. This time however I did not walk away, or clean up,  to stubborn. I did decide however, to start on a bracelet that I have been dreaming about for some time now. That is when my positive Chi energy started to flow and everything went along just perfectly.

For this bracelet I used a nice big blue fossil coral cabochon as the focal point. I used simple jump rings because the cabochon alone makes quite the statement. The creative energy was still flowing so there was no stopping of course and I moved on to a necklace which is my all time favorite.

With this little carnelian alphabet cabochon I made
this little pendant. As you can see I stamped "you are here" on the back. I thought the words were perfect for this little stone, a perfect match.

Of course I had to make just one more, my other caged beach glass pendant found a new home, so I felt the need to make another one. I really enjoy making those little caged pendants. I also made the link chain necklace to go with it. I called the necklace "Flying Seaward". The backing of the pendant is shaped like two wings and they are flying the little beach glass back to the sea.

So I guess my mother was right, always follow your creative heart, do what you love. Not that following trends or popular styles is wrong, I guess it just doesn't work for me.


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