Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

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Well, it is that time of month again where Etsy metal team members write about their experiences on a common topic. This months topic is "Why do you make jewelry?"

I guess I could answer that question with a question, "who wouldn't want to make jewelry?" Who would not want to spend every day creating and making beautiful jewelry. Obviously, I know that not everyone has that passion or they are not fans of the whole process of creating. However, I am, without a doubt addicted to making jewelry. There are many reason why I like making jewelry, the most obvious is I get to wear pretty things, I guess that is the girly girly coming out of me. I also enjoy knowing that my jewelry creations can bring happiness to someone. But mostly, I love the challenge, and how I feel so empowered after I have created something new that I truly love.

Because I am still in the learning process and developing my jewelry making skills, the challenge for me is the whole process of  fabrication. It is easy to have a design idea flowing around in your head, but turning that idea into something real is a whole other situation, and that is what I love the most. The whole process of fabrication and making it work with the overall design of your final piece is just too exciting for me. I can spend hours on deciding if I should solder, cold connect, enamel, forge, or form fold, the possibilities are endless. Each different technique can add and alter your final design in so many different ways. I know this might seem strange, but when I work out all the fabrication issues and the creative flow really gets going, it's like I am watching myself create this piece of jewelry. When I finally finish the piece and I am back in myself so to speak, I always end up asking myself, "did I just make that?" or "Where did that come from?" Now, there are also many times I ask myself,  "what where you thinking?", those are the times when the creative flow was not there at all and I was not pleased with the final outcome. Luckily, that doesn't happen too often,  mostly the good and bad outcomes seem to balance each other out.  When I finally make a piece I truly love, all the failures, mishaps, and melted blobs on my soldering block just fade away.

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