Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

New Tools, New Fun

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A few weeks ago I was searching through some old jewelry boxes and found some old gold rings I use to wear many moons ago. They no longer fit my fingers and I can't say I liked the style anymore, as we all know styles come and go. Of course the only natural thing for me to do was cash that gold in and buy myself some new tools. I have been dreaming of some new hammers, so that is what I bought, all shiny new hammers. When they finally arrived I felt like a little kid at Christmas opening her presents, it was just too exciting!!.

I have been wanting these special hammers and stakes because I wanted to make some new concave or convex bangles and cuffs. When I first opened my Etsy shop, I made different bangles as my first items, mostly because I like them. I love the way they jingle and move around when I wear them. After living in Italy for 25 years I have most definitely picked up on the Italian style of moving and waving your hands around while talking. Needless to say my bangles are always making a lot of noise. I naturally moved on to making other things, and trying new techniques, but I felt the urged to get back to my bangles.

I will admit, I thought this would be easy, Mr Bill Fretz makes it look like there is nothing to it. Well, I was sweating up a storm and my concave bangle would come out crooked and warped. I found it very hard to raise the sides of the bangle evenly, one would come out higher then the other. After many errors I started to get the hang of it and then started loving it and couldn't stop.

Of course I could not just make a simple concave bangle, I had to add something to it. I used red brass, which I am loving more every time I use it, and I cold connected some copper wire to the bangle. At first I thought I would ruin the bangle while setting the rivet, but it worked out in the end. I used the round end of my chasing hammer to mushroom out the rivet so I would not hit the raised sides of the bangle.

For my second one, I used copper. Then I cold connected some  twisted red brass wire and a little piece of sterling silver sheet metal to the bangle.

For the last one I took a different route and soldered on some sterling silver and copper balls. Naturally when I finished them, I had to throw them in the liver of sulfur for that warm earthy style that I love. I have been wearing these bangles together every day since I have made them. I have been jingling all over the house as I go about my daily routine, sometimes I even jingle them on purpose. Now it is time to try to make a convex bracelet, to be continued.....


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