Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

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Well it is that time of the month again where etsy metal member write about their experiences on a common topic. This months topic is "If you could only read one magazine what would it be?"

Well I think I might change the question just a little bit to, "If you could only read one KIND of magazine". I think it is pretty obvious to everyone what the answer to that is, Jewelry Magazines!!!!. I have mentioned before that I am self taught and jewelry magazines had a big role in helping me learn new techniques and skills. When I was in my wire wrapping phase,  my mother gave me my first magazine "Wirework" from Bead and Button. I learned a lot from it and I still have it, I never throw out my jewelry magazines because I always like to go back and look at them again and again. Another good wire wrapping magazine is "Step by Step Wire Jewelry".Both of these magazines have good tutorials and they always have a little section on your basic techniques for beginners.

My sister also gave me a subscription to "Art Jewelry" for Christmas and this magazine helped me a lot with many metal smith techniques. This magazine also has great tutorials, explanations on how to use certain tools, suppliers and of course features many amazing and inspiring jewelry artists. I guess I have to give many thanks to these magazines who taught me what I know today. I also have to give thanks to my mom and the many hours on Skype with her trying to explain to me all the secrets of metalsmithing. Of course the learning process never ends, so I will most definitely continue to buy my jewelry magazines and skype with my mom.

Here are some of my favorite pieces with techniques I learned from various jewelry magazines. You can also check out what other members would read if they only had 1 magazine, their links are below......

 Beth Cyr 


Evelyn Markasky

Lou Hunter


Tosca Teràn

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