Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

Brooch N. 2

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                                                       Brooch 2013 Challenge

I am very happy I managed to get brooch number two finished before the deadline, I must say I am having fun thinking up different designs. For this one I used one of my many Adriatic stones that I love so much and set it in a bezel. I cold connected the textured sterling silver plate to the side of the stone to give the piece some balance. I used my center punch to create the texture on the sterling silver ball, the tip chipped and now it makes this little funky texture.

I made my own fibula again for the backing, first I soldered on some tubing to the back of the brooch, made the loop on one end, then passed  the wire through the tube and then made the hook on the other end.
Now onto brooch number 3........

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