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Jewelry with an Organic Style

Light 'em Up!!!!

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For those who have never seen the St Antonio festival, it is hard to explain, so hopefully you will get an idea of what is like with the photos and videos. Even though it is same every year, it is still always amazing to stand under the farchias while they burn.

This is the part that  makes me nervous, is when they lift the farchia up and carry it to the area near the cemetery. It is probably a 15 minute walk normally, but I am sure it seems forever with the farchia on your shoulder. In the video the, the dude in the hat, my beloved half, is the head farchia and does a lot of organizing  for the festival. Here he is yelling out the commands to synchronize the lift.

Almost there, the last bit is the hardest because it is up hill. The men that are carrying the farchia switch a lot so no one carries it for the whole way. However there are other neighborhoods who choose not to carry, and bring the farchia with a tractor, they are usually to far away to carry.

After they have arrived, the farchias need to be raised. They use two long poles to push up from one side and another group of people are pulling with ropes from the opposite side until the farchia stands up straight.

After the farchias are raised, someone needs to climb up to set up the rope of fireworks that is then wrapped around the farchia. This is how they then set them on fire.

In this video the second farchia that they light up is my neighborhood farchia, however they choose not to use fireworks, they like to follow the tradition and light the farchia the old way.

All on fire, I must say by this time I am usually frozen to the core and it is nice to feel the warmth from the fire.

Of course not only am I frozen I am also starving, and I always get a sausage and onion sandwich.. Mmmmm. The line was long but it was worth the wait. Hope you have enjoyed the blog post, here are a few more photos for your enjoyment.

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