Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

Making Progress!

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They are most definitely making progress, 11 knots done and 6 more to go. When the festival is going on, my friends and I always like to go around the surrounding neighborhoods at night to see all the other farchias and what is going on. They always have such wonderful bonfires to sit by and have a glass of wine. Of course the fact that there is free food every where you turn is not helping my new years diet resolution. Here, they really love making you eat, I tell them that I am on a diet, and they just answer back, "hey it's St. Anthonio" Needless to say I never refuse, so the diet is on hold for a while.

Deep fried pizza dough!, how can you refuse? They are cooking these babies up right near my house. I have no inner will power when it comes to these. I am thankful that they make them only during this festival or I would be in trouble.


Last night one neighborhood had a choir come and sing traditional Abruzzi songs. They members were also dressed in traditional Abruzzi clothing from many years ago. I filmed the song with my phone so it is not the best, but hope you enjoy.

Who knows what will be going on tonight?, to be continued..........

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