Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

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Well here we are again with Etsy Metal Blog Carnival, this months topic is "Photography, Tips and Tricks"

Photography is like metalsmithing, you never stop learning. I must say I do struggle with photography, it seems like I take so many photos and I only like a handful in the end. I have a homemade set up so to speak, very primitive. I make my own light boxes and usually take my photos outside, weather permitting, can't quite afford the whole professional set up yet.

This is my light box, I cut out windows in the sides and on top of the box and cover them with tissue paper. I also use a piece of white construction paper as a back drop. The construction paper is placed in a curved fashion towards the back of the box. As for props I try to keep it simple, this way the viewers attention stays focused on my piece of jewelry and not the props. I like to use a  piece of wood or some stones which I think goes well with the organic and earthy style of my pieces. Also photoshop comes in quite handy for cropping and adjusting exposure.

One of my favorite photos

Obviously what I am always trying to achieve is  a clear photo with good lighting. However,what I want mostly,  is when someone sees my work, there is a certain intimate feeling when looking at my photos. It is very hard for me to explain this in words, so I will show you with photos. Some of my favorite photos are from the tumblr website . To tell the truth, I do not know who he or she is, but I think the photos are superb. When I look at these photos, there seems to be a certain intimacy even if the subject is just a plate of food.

I like to experiment with different photos styles too. Even though I love the warm earthy style in my photos, I also like that very modern and minimalist look too.

With these photos I used photo shop to make some gradient paper, starting with a dark shade of black and fading to white. I then saved it as a jpg file and  just printed it out. I placed the paper under a piece of glass, and of course everything was placed in my light box,  the photos were also shot outside.  Carol Holaday  a wonderful jewelry artist, glass bead artist, and photographer, gave me tips on how to do photos like these. I highly recommend checking out her web site to see her fabulous work and photos. You can just click on her name, she explains how her photo set up is and how she takes her photos.

Another favorite photographer and artist of mine is Jane Cather, my mom. I guess I am not very objective, but for me she is right up there with the rest of them. She always catches that intimate feeling in photos I love so much whether she is taking photos of her work or things around the house. You can click on her name to check out her website and see her wonderful art work and photos.

Pixie, Photo by  Jane Cather

Photo by Jane Cather

One more piece of advice, if you have a cat, hide your light box. Kiki just loves my light boxes, it is hard keeping her out. They do get a lot of wear and tear so I remake them often. When the boxes start to wear out and are no longer useful,  I let her have her play time in them, she is sooooo happy!

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