Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

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After my January sale I closed my shop for a week, I felt the need to relax for a little while, but I also took advantage of this time to reorganize my office space and most importantly create some new pieces. Things got a little hectic this past month and I realized I was way too spread out with my office stuff. Computer in one room, filing in another, packaging downstairs. I thought it was time to bring it all together

I turned my guest room into my office space. A quick trip to Ikea and I whipped it into shape. I just love my new computer chair, I can roll back and forth from the table and computer. After I reorganized and all the positive energy was flowing again, it was time to create some new pieces. I love making jewelry, and I am very grateful for all the people who support my shop, but making the same pieces over and over can sometimes become overwhelming. Anyone who makes jewelry, I think will agree with me that making new  pieces is the best part, at least for me. I think it is mostly because you can take your time to experiment or try something new without feeling rushed when creating.

I had some cabochons that I never got around to using so I wanted to dive into them first. I have always loved the big chunky turquoise jewelry, when I was young it was popular, I think it never goes out of style. This was the first time I used beaded silver wire, I soldered it to the side of the band. Of course this was way easier then soldering little individual silver balls that never stop jumping around!

Next I used my last two blue chalcedony cabochons. I have been savoring these because I wanted to make something unique and special.  I find these cabs just so mesmerizing, and so smooth. With the triangular cabochon I made a hollow form and then set the bezel on top. I love them all, but that one is my favorite.

After I satisfied my ring cravings I moved on to some necklaces. One with a little amethyst cabochon and another with a Montana agate.

With the amethyst I went all out and made the chain also. I used both twisted and smooth 18 gauge wire to make the jump rings. The leaves are soldered to the disc and I wrapped wire around the side link in hopes of resembling a vine. I will admit I always struggle when it comes to taking photos of necklaces. I can't seem to find a way to hang them for the photo.  I am not to fond of these photos, I normally take my photos outside but it has been raining all week,  it is difficult to take photos inside for me. I guess they will have to do for now.

I like how the bezel setting came out and the bail, very simple but nice. I think it matches well with the black cord necklace. My last piece of jewelry was a pair of earrings I made on a whim. In the past  I have made stone pendants using Adriatic beach stones.

I found some little beach stone that I thought would be perfect for some earrings. I used the same cold connecting technique as the pendants, just a smaller version.

As I was making them, I thought maybe this is too much, but when I finished them I changed my mind. They are just too cute for words. Somebody else liked them also, only a few minutes after I listed them in my shop someone  special  bought them. Now that I am open again you can find all these new pieces in my shop, feel free to check them out. I hope everyone can fill their days with creativity like me because it is the best!!

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