Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

Brooch N.10 & 11

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I am late late late, but I am finally made brooch number 10. I have been busy these last couple of weeks, finishing some orders and my daily routine has kept me very occupied. I used one of my favorite materials, beach stones. I love the three little silver granulation set in the stone. These are somewhat like rivets but they are not your traditional wire rivet. I drilled three holes in the stone but did not drill all the way through the stone.
Then I balled up some silver balls with my torch, I would like to add very very small ones too. The little silver balls should not sink completely into the hole, then with the round end of your chasing hammer gently mushroom out the silver ball. The silver ball will expand and be stuck in the hole. This can be very fussy, the stones can break while drilling or hammering, the silver balls can come out to big or to small. However if you have patience and like to do little things, you will love adding this little extra touch to some of your pieces.

For brooch number 11 I am cheating, ha ha. Like I said these past weeks have been busy and just did not have the time to make the brooch for this week. After I finished my orders I just needed some time out to relax. I like to sit by the fire with my scetch book and work on new designs. However I did not want to miss a week so I though I would share one of my favorite brooches I received as a gift and made by Jane Cather.


It is just a simple little cushin pin, but I just love the expression of the little snow man. I wear him on my jacket during the holidays but usually he is pinned to a basket on a shelf in my living room so I can see him everyday.

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