Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

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Here we are again, with a new  monthly topic,  this months topic is "Where do you live?, physically, emotionally, mentally. Well, where do I physically live is easy to answer, in Italy. However emotionally and mentally is a whole other situation. Let's start with the easy one first.

I live in a very small town which origins can be traced back to the Lombard's invasion (German population) in VI and VIII century AC. I guess you can say it is pretty old. This majestic wall surrounds most of the center of town and at night the arches have beautiful lights. They say there are secret tunnels inside the big wall. I have just recently purchased a new camera so I was trying out the panorama feature on the camera. What do you think?

There are two entrance ways to the center of town however this is the oldest. Shortly after I got married I use to live in a small apartment just after the archway.

Now I live in my own house and this is the view I see every morning when I take my dogs out for their walks. This year has been a good winter season for the skiers. I am not a big fan of the winter and do not mind the snow as long as it stays up there.

Another favorite view of mine is from my balcony, I love this old abandoned house. I have always wondered who use to live there and what it was like before it was abandoned. Who ever use to live there must of had a spectacular view from there because the house is on a hill.

I guess the earthy style of my jewelry has been influenced by my surroundings. I love all the textures you can see on the old buildings, and the dark and rich earthy colors here. Just recently someone told me that some of my bangles have an Etruscan and ancient roman  feel to them. Maybe in one of my previous lives I lived in Ancient Rome, ha ha.

My days are very simple, taking care of my fury children and creating jewelry, what could be better than that!. In the past I had other day jobs, but I am sure everyone knows that these times are tough and I haven't been called back to my day job. However I am secretly happy about it because this way I can concentrate all my energy on my creativity. I use to be so obsessed with the idea of financial security, but what is the point in being financially secure if you hate your job and it makes you miserable. I am completely aware that in today's world you need money to survive, but I am at a point in my life I'd rather have less and be happy. So I guess this is also pretty much where I am emotionally and mentally. It can be very scary to let go of the security blanket so to speak, and can be very hard to do, at least for me. However,  I believe when you let go of things so many other doors will open. This new creative adventure I am on has been exciting, empowering, joyful, frustrating, unbelievable, and scary all at once but I would not have it any other way.

What could be better than having these three fury faces wake you up every morning (as long as it's not to early) and the smell of espresso that my husband is making in a very old moka,  just the best.

Of course lets not forget the overwhelming joy I have when I get to create pieces like this. I am going through a stone phase, and I find myself sometimes entranced by them. These beauties are brecciated jasper cabochons, they are slightly different but I thought they went well together. Therefore I decided to use them all together in one piece.

I also managed to finish Brooch number 9 this week, I wanted to try and go for a contemporary look but as usual I always end up with that warm earthy style.

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