Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

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Well it is that time of month again, sorry for missing last month. The topic for May is, "Show off your latest creation". Well I have many that I have been working on. Mostly I have been trying to create some more elaborate pieces. I have been trying to push myself to the next level, however I don't know if I am there yet. Sometimes it is easy to stay in your own comfort zone and make things that are within your ability, but you also need to put yourself out there too. Trying different things and techniques helps you learn new things and each time my comfort zone gets a little bigger.

My first elaborate piece is a cuff with this wonderful ocean jasper. The cabochon has a shape that was difficult for me to set and the corners are lower in height than the sides. In the end and after much fussing over the bezel I like how it came out.

Soldering the "S" shaped wires inside the cuff wires was another challenge. I used binding wire to hold everything together while I was soldering. While I am working on pieces like this, sometimes I ask myself, what possessed me to make this?, but in the end when I realize how much I love the piece  it is sooooo worth it.

My next pieces are two necklaces one with a matra mountain cabochon and the other with an
old ammonite fossil.

For the fossil the difficulty for me was in how to set the stone. It was an odd shape, it did not sit evenly and I wanted a setting to go well with the stone.
For a very long time I would take it out and look at to try and figure out what would work best. Then I would just put it back and start on something else. Finally the idea of part bezel and part prongs came to mind and I thought this would be the best way to go. This way you can really see the fossil and it is not hidden under a bezel.

For the matra mountain cabochon I made a simple setting and handmade this chain necklace. At first I though it would be easy, but assembling those links one by one is fussy fussy fussy. However I already want to make another one with a different stone, I would also love to make a bracelet with this chain.

One of my favorite pieces so far is the royston ribbon turquoise bracelet. I love that it is big and chunky. I have been wanting to make a piece with the loop and loop weave, but have always put it off because I though it would be too fussy. However, lately the more fussy it is the better it is, at least for me, I think it is the challenge that sucks me in and I can't stop until it is done.

As you can see I have been busy. I don't know if this urgent inner need to make elaborate  pieces is good or not, but it sure satisfies my creative itch lately. Check out what other etsy metal members have been working on lately, I am sure it is all just fabulous!!.


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