Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

Brooch Number 21

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Finally here is brooch number 21,  and of course I have to make brooch number 22 by tomorrow. Hopefully I can squeeze it in somewhere on the long list of things to do.  I used some garnet and amber cabochons to make the flower brooch. I like how these two colors look together with the oxidized silver.


I also have been trying to continue to improve my skills in making more complex jewelry pieces. I made another loop in loop bracelet with some prehnite cabochons. I love the stones but my favorite part of the bracelet is the toggle and clasp. For the hollow form I cut out two disc with my disc cutter and used my jewelry saw to cut out the center hole. I taped the two disc together while cutting so the holes would match perfectly. I domed the discs, soldered them together and then set a handmade tube rivet to give it a more finished look.


Ciao, Ciao, off to finish hopefully my long list of thing to do…….


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