Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

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It is that time of month again where members of the etsy metal team share their thought, ideas, or plans on a common topic. This months topic is "Summer's a' Comin'!! So what are your plans?, staying home? traveling? Stuck at work?....

Well, I am very very very excited because in July I am homeward bound for a whole month and a half. I am counting the days and crossing them off the calendar until I am back in the States. Mostly I am very happy because I get to spend time with my family who I have not seen in a very long time. Skype is great,  but seeing everyone in person is way better. Needless to say a big family reunion is being planned.

I will also be hopefully working when I am there, my etsy shop will stay open. I have been wanting to try and learn repousse in hopes of adding some new pieces of jewelry to my shop. Of course I will most definitely be blogging, facebooking and tweeting about my trip to the states so you won't miss out on this vaca adventure!!

Of course I will mostly definitely miss my fury children but I know my husband will take good care of them. Here is a little video of Lula trying to catch lizards  just for your entertainment.

Feel free to check out what the other etsy metal team members will be up to this summer. I am sure it is all fun fun fun.

Lou Hunter

Rebecca Bogan

Andrea Ring

Anne Walker

Abella Blue

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