Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

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It is that time of month again were etsy metal team members come together to talk or express their opinions on a common topic. This month's topic is "Your favorite things to do in the studio"

Well of course the answer is pretty easy, making jewelry. I guess for me the question should be a little different, "What is your favorite TIME in the studio?" That is usually when I finish all my orders and I then clean and reorganize my set up. I usually have every tool out when I am working on my orders, and my table can become very confusing. Therefore before I start on a new piece I clean up to get the "Chi" flowing again which I think helps the creative energy.

Just my work companion Kiki and I are in the studio, I  get my sketch book out and start drawing and planning. I am not a really great drawer but I like to work out the fabrication of the piece also and have all my notes written down on how I will make the piece. Of course while planning and sketching one piece of jewelry, this will always lead into another piece and another and so on. Suddenly, I then  realize I have 3 or 4 new pieces I want and need to make right away. During this process is when I feel completely FREE of everything. This is when I realize anything is possible or I forget my everyday problems, worries or burdens (at least for a while). I guess you can say this is when I I find my inner "Chi".

My little helper

This beach stone necklace with the two little amethyst might not be the best piece of jewelry in the world but for me it was one of those "Chi" moments when all the creative energy just came together.

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Etsy Metal

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