Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

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Here we are at our monthly post where etsymetal members write about a common topic. Of course this months topic is quite obvious "New Years Resolutions" The ones I seem to repeat every year are diet and exercise, I love to eat and there is never enough hours in the day to exercise. I realize these are excuses but at least I am trying. Mostly I need to find a routine for my jewelry making and get organized. I had to leave my bigger tools in Italy and start working in a new studio. Actually I am working out of two different studios, my mother's studio and my sister's studio. Each studio has different tools so depending on what I am making sometimes I stay at my sister's studio or I go to my mother's. I am very lucky that I had to two studios waiting for me after my big move from Italy back to the States but it can be frustrating going back and forth. I tend to forget things but luckily they both live close. My family also helps me great deal trying to get organized.

My sister who also does art work made this bench for both of us to work on. One bench is for soldering and the other one is sanding and cleaning. She creates three dimensional folk art from recycled wood and can whip anything together really fast. I usually prepare the components of my pieces here, some soldering, and finishing work like, pickling, tumbling. If I need to use the rolling mill, or kiln I need to head over to the other studio.

My mother's studio

I purchased I nice tote bag with many pockets that I can bring back and forth with the pieces I am working on and some of the smaller tools I can't live without. I also set up a photo box at both studios so if I need to take photos of my work it is all set up. I keep trying to stream line everything so I am not wasting any time. Sometimes I feel a little confused but this will have to do until I can hopefully get a place of my own. At least I can still make jewelry, yeah!! Here are some pieces I made in the new studios.

Feel free to check out what new years resolutions the other etsymetal members have set for themselves

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