Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Challenge 2014

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Another Flickr and EtsyMetal weekly challenge has begun. This year's challenge is 3xR 2014, which means reduce, reuse and recycle. Of course this challenge began at the beginning of the year but anyone can participate and step in at any time. Right now I have a little too much on my plate to create a piece every week but I thought it would be fun to jump in every now and then. Even when I participated in the "Brooch a Week" challenge,  I started out great but sometimes life can get in the way of things. Coming to the US for the summer and then moving back to Massachusetts just did not allow enough time to make a brooch a week.

For this challenge the name is pretty clear on what to do. You must make a piece of jewelry out of something recycled, or reuse and modify an old piece, maybe even finally using up all the beads or stones you have been hording away for so long.

For the piece shown below,  I used  28 gauge wire to make part of the necklace. I bought this wire about 4 years ago and never used it. Before getting into metalsmithing I gave wire wrapping a whirl. First I would like to say to all the fantastic wire wrappers out there "I take my hat off to you"!! I could not do it at all. Of course I can do a simple decorative wire wrap to create an extra touch of something special on a piece of jewelry, but it pretty much ends there. Naturally I always want to try the most difficult things first, maybe that is why I became so frustrated with wire wrapping. The wire would tangle and get kinks in it and it would not look smooth. So I kind of threw in the towel.

If you want to see some amazing wire wrapping check out Iza Malczyk; she does some amazing work. Because I put wire wrapping on the back burner, I had all this thin wire I really had no use for in the work I am creating today. I thought I could use it some how in this challenge and I came up with this necklace. I know it is not to elaborate but I am proud I found a way to use this wire that has been sitting in the back of a drawer for some time now.

I used 12 pieces of 28 gauge wire, I wanted it to be sturdy and not too flimsy. I then fused the ends of the wire together and  balled it up. I forged the ball end with a hammer so I could drill a hole for the jump rings that are connected  to the  long links.

I even added some wire wrapping but just a hint. The stone is an imperial jasper and has lovely pastel colors. I still have more thin wire, I think I will make another necklace but I want to add end caps this time instead of the wire wrapping. I think it will have a more finished look to it, but I am still very pleased with how this piece came out.

You can check out  the work from other etsymetal  members and what they are creating for this challenge on the Etsy Metal Blog. There are some wonderful pieces for this week.


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