Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

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It is that time of month again when etsy metal team members share their thoughts on a common topic. This months theme is "Ethnicity" What are the customs you grew up with, foods you eat, or if your ethnicity influences your work.

Well I grew up in Connecticut in a  pretty average family. My family customs where mostly just our personal family traditions, getting together on the holidays and birthdays. Our ancestors were Scottish, Irish, and French. On my mothers side, our ancestors came from the Scotland clan McKay and Ireland.  Two brothers from Ireland came over and settled in Virginia and started the "Cather" family line. The famous writer Willa Cather, one of my ancestors came from this line. She wrote different novels about the frontier life on the Great Plains.  The French line comes from my father's side of the family, my last name is French "Bouton"

I can't say that I know or follow any Scottish, Irish, or French customs. However after living in Italy for 25 years I can easily say that some Italian customs have stayed with me. I do love the Mediterranean diet, I have to have my pasta every now and then. As for my work, at first, I really did not think that living in Italy would have influence my designs. Then one day a friend of mine said to me that my mixed metal jewelry had an old Etruscan or Roman feel to them.

After I thought about it, I though he might be a little right. Obviously I did not live in those ancient times but maybe some how the style crept into to my creative subconscious.

I do love to work with mixed metals, copper, red brass, silver are my favorite. You can achieve so many different patinas when working with copper and red brass. I  become so entranced sometimes by all the different colors. Too much fun!!! I guess I do not know for sure  if I am influenced by my ancestors or my past experience, maybe a little of both. All I know is I want to make jewelry and I am very lucky I can do what I love the most.

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