Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style


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In the past I have enjoyed making silver cages or hollow forms. I like the idea of only being able to peek at a little treasure hiding inside. You can see one of my older beach glass pendants here, pendant .

With summer finally here I felt the need to incorporate some beach glass and stones in my work again. Of course I instantly wanted to make some cages. I think my favorite part is the challenge of how to enclose the glass or stone inside. I use my torch to solder the components of the cage together, however I then use different cold connecting techniques to hold the beach glass or stone in the cage.

I started with a cage ring with a small piece of blue beach glass, it is so hard to find blue!! As you can see in the photo I used wire rivets to connect the base to the cage. I soldered the ring band to the base and then cold connected it to the round cage.

My sister so generously gave me another blue beach glass and I used it to make this tear drop pendant. I used a different technique for this one, no rivets. Inside the tear drop cage I soldered a step bezel, the backing sits on the edge of the step bezel and then I pushed over the side prongs.

For the beach stones I usually prefer to set them in a bezel. I love how smooth they are, great for a simple design.

My last cage doesn't have a summer feel, maybe more of a Autumn style, but I still love it. For this pendant I put red felt on the inside of the box. I also used the step bezel on the inside like the tear drop pendant.

My next step is I want to make a box with a hinge so you can change the little treasure inside. Now I need to learn how to make a hinge, with metal work you never stop learning.  The creative possibilities are endless with every new technique I learn, just too fun!!!!

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