Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

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I apologize for not blogging more often. This past year has been a very busy year for me. Moving back to the US, starting my jewelry business here, website orders, art shows, and  moving into my own apartment has taken up every hour of my life. However, finally having a place of my own is just the best!!.

 Since so much has been going on in my life I really did not know what to blog about, or where to start. Then I thought I would share my art show experience this past summer. I signed up for 10 art shows in hopes of selling some of my art jewelry. I was not able to participate in any art or craft shows when I lived in Italy so this was all new for me. It can be very exciting and very exhausting at the same time, but I am loving it.

My booth set up is always evolving. Obviously I want it to be attractive but also very easy to transport and set up. This was my set up at my last show.

Most of the art shows are outside during the summer therefore I needed to get a tent obviously in case of rain or wind. If there is a lite rain the tent is ok, but if there is a big storm it will leak and have to pack up. I was lucky I only had one rain day where I had to close up shop. 

Another vendor recommended I put noodles in the corners of the tent roof so the rain will roll off and not build up. I would of never dreamed of this but it helped, so now when I leave for a outdoor show I always bring my noodles. There are so many things to take into consideration that did not even cross my mind, like weights for your tent in case of wind. I guess you can tell I am a real newbie in the art show world. I purchased sand bags and filled them with sand from the beach and they wrap around the tent leg. I also use two stakes per tent leg, the wind can be scary on the Cape. I definitely do not want my tent blowing away, I heard many scary stories from other vendors. 

Like I said before my booth set up is always changing. Of course I cannot afford my dream set up quite yet but I always try to make it appealing to the potential customer. However there are a few things I have learned over this summer. Unfortunately I know having the jewelry open on the table there is a possibility of theft. I hate having this fear and I wish I did not have it. Sometimes in today's world we have to be careful. When I started, I kept my more expensive pieces in glass cases, but rarely anyone ever asked to try them on or purchase them. I think customers felt some what inhibited. I decided to overcome my fear of theft and removed the cases, now I have just one which is more just a decorative touch. Once everything was accessible to the customer the higher end pieces sold. Coincidence??? Maybe?? Maybe not. 

I also try to keep it minimal and use neutral colors. I like the wood risers and natural busts which I think make  my jewelry stand out. I want people looking at my jewelry and not at an over whelming or crowded booth display. I also had two large banners made with photos of my jewelry in hopes of grabbing peoples attention when they are walking by. I had a third banner made of photos of me making my jewelry. Sometimes people find it hard to believe that I fabricate my creations so I thought adding a process photo might help. 

Also when I started doing shows I  kept the table close to the opening of the tent. This made it hard for more than two people to stand at my table and browse. I also think it made potential customers feel that they were not welcome to come all the way into the tent. Here I have to give credit to my sister, she recommended to bring the table further inside the tent and set it up at an angle. I have my chair and packaging supplies in the corner behind the table. This created a more welcoming and larger space for potential customers to come into the tent and browse and look at my jewelry. One more tip is also to raise the tables, you do not want your customers to have to hunch over your table while they look art your art work. Some people use bed raisers, I used PVC tubes and slid them on the table legs to make the table higher.

I still have two more shows this fall, and I am sure I will change my set up in some way each time. I guess you never stop tweaking the overall set up.  Every change I made so far has always been for the best and brought in more sales. I am aware that I am a total newbie to the art show world and do not have all the answers. However  I hope some of my pointers will help some one else out there who is new to the art show world like me. And remember, smile!!!

  You can find my show listings here  and these are some some of my new pieces you will find at my shows. However the silver ring on the left is a keeper, can't give that one up, sorry:-)

Last but not least my beloved kiki in our new home..........


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