Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

Etsy Metal Blog Carnival

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Well now that I am finally settling in my new apartment and the shows are slowing down I am glad to say the Etsy Metal Blog Carnival is back!!.  Hopefully I will be able to find more time for blogging. This blog carnival is where etsymetal team members come together and blog about a common topic.

This months topic is "What are your favorite pieces or creations and what was your inspiration?" All my pieces are my  favorites in one way or another. However the ones that are most challenging are usually my all time favorites. Those are also usually the pieces where I learn something new and take the longest to make. I can't say my inspirations come from nature or a certain design or color. What inspires me the most  is the challenge of creating something I have never made before. Yes I am somewhat competitive mostly with myself. When it comes to jewelry I like pushing myself into metalsmithing territories I would not normally venture.

This ring is one of my latest creations. The ring has a textured hollow form with a spinner band and some gold balls. I truly enjoy making hollow forms and challenging myself with how many different ways I can incorporate them in a jewelry piece.  I don't really sketch out my designs first, they somewhat evolve on the way.  I do however sketch out the fabrication of the piece I am making. What to solder first, how to texture, etc. Needless to say my drawings are not that pretty. This ring took a while, I first made the hollow form and then put it aside so I could think on what path it should take, ring, necklace, bracelet??? 

 On the ring band I also cut out a feather, added some texture and soldered it to the band. My mother tells me that I always want to make the most challenging pieces. I guess that is true, at least for me. I think the desire to challenge myself comes from the beginning when I started making jewelry.  I had so many design I wanted to make flowing around in my head. Unfortunately I could not make them because I did not have all the proper tools.  We all know how expensive the tools are, but now my tool supply has grown and I can take on more complex pieces. Maybe a ring like this isn't challenging for a more experience jewelry maker, but for me it was and I am very pleased with how it came out. I am so pleased that I decided to keep it for myself and not sell it.

My next challenge.......... 

Another hollow form is being fabricated but is still evolving. I want it to be part of a bracelet, but in the end who knows. I do know I want to add some hinges and that is another challenge because it will be my first time making hinges. Can't wait to find some time in between orders and shows to work on it!!

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog post, you can check out the other etsymetal team members and their favorite pieces on the below links:-))

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