Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

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It is that time again when etsy metal team members get together to talk about a common topic. This months question is:

How do you get ready for the Holidays?? Do you make special items, have sales, shows?? How do you celebrate the Holidays??

As for the holidays spent with the family I feel like I am a child again. I never made it home for the holidays when I lived in Italy. Now that I have moved back I am enjoying every minute making up for all the holidays I missed in the past. We don't do anything special, we just spend the day together and of course eat!!!

As for my jewelry business I always hope I will be busy working, creating new pieces and filling orders for the holiday shoppers.  I also do a little prepping and organizing before the holidays making sure everything is ready to help reduce the fabrication and shipping times.

In between orders I try to stock up and prepare all the components I will need for the fabrication of my made to order pieces. My bangles seem to be popular so I measure and cut all the wire or sheet I will need for each standard size.


This way I have taken one step out of the process and reduces a little the time for fabrication. For my anticlastic bangles I try to keep a few bangles ready in each size. This is the most time consuming part of this bangle, so keeping them in stock and ready to go is a great help.

In the shipping department I also try to keep everything ready as possible. I use craft boxes for my jewelry and I had a logo stamp made so I could stamp my own boxes. If you are interested I purchased my custom stamp at Standard Stamp Co.  on etsy. They have many designs to choose from or you can send them your own design and they will reproduce it for you. They did a lovely job!!

I also keep large quantity of padded envelopes, ribbons, business cards and tape on hand so there are no last minute running to the store to get them which is a waste of time.

This is also when I start planning next years show schedule and sending in applications for the art shows for 2015. I made my own wall calendar using a bulletin board and I pinned each month of the calendar so I can see everything at once. The picture is not to great, sorry, but each square is a month of 2015. This way I can keep track of when the applications and payments are due, show dates and times. This past year I participated in 10 art shows so it can get a little confusing at times.

My last show of this year will be in Orleans Ma, with the Artisan's Guild of Cape Cod, on November 28-29 2014, 10:00-5:00 daily. The art show will be held at the Orleans Middle School in Orleans. If you are on the Cape for Thanksgiving weekend feel free to come by and say hello.

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