Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

Etsy Metal Blog Carnival

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It is that time again, the etsy metal blog carnival, this month's topic is quite obvious. What are your New Year Resolutions, how will you keep them? Did any work from last year?

I think the most obvious are diet, work hard, save money. The diet one always seems to be there every year, so it is easy to say I am still working on that one from last year. This years resolution of course has to do with making jewelry. My website has been going well and things have been moving along since I have moved back to the US. I can proudly say that making jewelry is my job and I love it!!!!! I am not a millionaire but I am happy!!

Now I want to take it up a notch. This past year I participated in 11 art shows, some were great, and there were a few that were ok. My goal is to create a portfolio of work in hopes of getting into the more higher end art shows. Of course, to participate in these art show the cost is higher but I also have to be accepted. I would be a very happy camper if I could get into just a couple of prestigious art shows. For now I have the fun of working on new pieces, creating and developing my style.

So to help me on my way I though it was a good idea to get a new workbench and some new tools to help speed up my production and make a few things easier.

 I purchased this bench at Harbor Freight. I was standing up a lot while I worked and getting very tired. Now I can sit and work at the same time.

Already covered with tools and I am just loving it!!

My favorite new tool is my new Grs benchmate stone setting kit. Hopefully it will speed up my stone setting skills.

I am still working out of my very generous sister's garage who helped set everything up.  She is also very good at organizing and always likes to add a decorative touch to my little corner studio.

This little house is just to cute!!

New work.

Feel free to check out the New Years resolutions of other etsy metal members, I am sure they will be great!!

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