Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

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It is that time again and this month's topic is "My jewelry box?"

Well there is not much jewelry in my jewelry box. The box itself was a gift from my mother and I mostly keep jewelry that has sentimental value for me, or some of my favorite pieces that I have created. There are some wonderful secret Santa gifts from my etsymetal team members and my rejects. My rejects are pieces that I have made that have some minor defect and therefore I do not feel comfortable selling but I also love to much to take apart and melt down. I also keep them as a reminder of what I learned when making that piece.

One of my favorite pieces is this pendant made by my mother, Jane Cather. She gave me this pendant on our trip to Venice Italy. Fun times!!! She made her design and then transferred it to pnp paper, then the design was transferred to a sheet of brass and etched in ferric chloride. Last she passed the etched brass plate with piece of sterling silver through the rolling mill to create the design on the silver pendant. You can click on her name to see all her blog tutorials on metalwork.

One of the first rings I made was this beach stone ring in the front with the silver and copper granules. I kept this ring because the  beach stone wiggles slightly, one of my old favorites though.
Hope you enjoyed peeking into my jewelry box, you can check out what is in other team member's jewelry boxes on the links below

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