Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style


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Here we are again for the Etsy Metal Blog Carnival, this month's topic is,  How has your work evolved? Have your goals changed? are you moving in a direction you didn't see coming? Or are things going just liked you planned?

When I started making jewelry in 2010 it was just a hobby and I never thought I could turn it into my job. This was a dream that I thought would never come true. Now today I am making jewelry and I am proud to say this is my job and I love it!!!!

I believe my style has grown and matured over the past years.  I believe this came with learning more skills and different techniques. Obviously your style will change and grow as you improve your skills.

This is an old pair of earrings made of copper and sterling silver. I used a fold forming technique and pierced holes with the drill.

Here are my hollow form earrings which I made not to long ago,  I still like piercing but I like giving each jewelry piece  a little more dimension. I think my photos have improved too:-))

 I still love this design, it was simple, fun and easy to make. Now I like to challenge myself when I start a new piece.

This necklace was a challenge for me, getting the hollow form toggle to nestle above the stone setting was difficult.

Here is one of my earlier rings,

Now I love giving my rings some wonderful color with amazing cabochons. My new obsession!!!

This is also one of my earlier cuff bracelets. I still love it, a nice lady in the UK bought this one so I had to say good bye.

Here is one of my more recent bracelets. Another obsession of mine is making hollow forms and incorporating them in my creations.

I never thought I would come this far with selling my creations online and at art shows, but I am very happy things are moving along. I know I have so much more to learn and accomplish but I am enjoying the adventure!!!

Feel free to check out the other etsy metal team members blogs to see how they have come along.


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