Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style


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It is time for the Etsy Metal blog carnival. This months topic is "Back to School" What are some of the new things or techniques you have added to your work.

I never knew how to adjust a ring size. If it was a simple silver ring band, that was easy but most of my rings have stones and the idea of  sizing up or down the ring made me nervous. A lovely lady purchased a ring at an art show, however she wanted the ring sized up so she could wear it on her middle finger. I thought it is now or never so I offered to adjust the ring for her.

Of course I asked my great etsy metal team members for some pointers and just my luck there is a tutorial on the EtsyMetal blog about sizing up a ring. I followed most of the pointers from the tutorial but I also did a few things differently.  Remember nothing is written in stone, you should always find the way that works best for you, and don't forget all safety measures.

 First I removed the citrine cabochon. There are liquids and gels that you can use to protect the stone from heat but I did not have any at the time. I also read a tutorial that you can use a potato as a heat sink to protect the stone. You can carve out part of the potato so the stone part is in the potato and then solder the ring band.  I did not try that either, too chicken. I patiently removed the stone while the ring was held in my GRS tool.

 I then cut out a section.

I put the ring on the mandrel a little short of  the desired ring size so I could measure how much extra wire I needed to add. I knew after I soldered on the new piece of wire I would have to shape the ring band on the mandrel a little with my rawhide hammer. This would make the ring band a little larger, so that is why I measured at  7.5. The customer requested size 7.75.

I then measured with my calipers to see how much wire I needed.

With my ring bender I curved the wire and then cut the appropriate size I needed for the ring.

I filed the ends of the wire flat so they matched perfectly and made soldering easy. On the Etsymetal Blog tutorial they filed out a notch on each end of the wire they added to the ring band. This way it matched the opposite ends of the ring shank. You will see this is the photos of the tutorial. For me it was easier just to file flat, maybe because the wire I was using was thick, 10 gauge. I also applied whiteout liquid inside the bezel cup which protects the other solder joints from flowing while soldering. With this ring the original solder joint of the ring band was located below the stone setting so the tweezers also acted as a heat sink to protect the solder joint from flowing.

A nice little clean up after and the ring was like new.

I set the stone again after polishing the ring. The ring was a 6.5 and now it is a 7.75. Not to shabby for my first try.   Feel free to check out what other etsymetal team members have learned new this year.

Cynthia Del Giudice

Fenton Design


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