Jewelry with an Organic Style

Jewelry with an Organic Style

Etsy Metal Blog Carnival.

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 It is that time again for the Etsy Metal Blog Carnival, this months topic is "A tour of our studios".
I wish I could say I have a studio filled with every dreamy metalsmith tool that exists, but I don't, hopefully someday.

 I actually work out of three studios. I am a renter, therefore I cannot do any real fabrication at my apartment.  When I am at home I take care of the photography, photo editing, book keeping, packaging, etc. Basically any office work pertaining to my business is done in my little blue office.

My queen kiki usually keeps me company when I am in my office. She has over taken my "to file" basket as her own bed so I added a pillow for her.

 If she is not in the basket she also likes the deep drawers of my desk.

When I need to fabricate my jewelry, I normally work in the garage at my sisters house. She also uses the garage to create her folk art. You can check out her work on her website
TB FOLKART. On the weekends, we work together creating a lot of fun things and the laughter is endless!!!! I think my favorite tool is my GRS benchmate, just love setting stones!

In the center of the garage there is another bench where we keep our disc cutters, punches, a soldering station and other fun stuff. Needless to say the car is never parked inside the garage. The garage is completely dedicated to creating.


My sister's cat, Lucky, keeps me company when I am working at her house. He is always very curious about the pedal of my flex shaft.

Sometimes I also need to work at my mother's studio,  Jane Cather. She is also a metalsmith artist and is very generous to let me use the tools in her studio for my work. I mostly use the sheer cutters or the rolling mill because I do not have these at the other studio. She also has a kiln, sooner or later I will give that a try too. Luckily we all live close by each other.

 There are animal distractions at my mother's studio also. The dogs are not allowed in the studio but I always sneak away from my work to play with them. Pixie, the border collie who is always ready to play in the yard and then there is the good old couch potato Brooke.



Feel free to check out the studios of other EtsyMetal team members.


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